Trouble Shooting

Hearing aid not working?

1. Make sure the battery has not died. If the problem is the battery, the hearing aid will not put out any sound. A bad battery does not cause a hearing aid to sound weak or distorted.

2. Clean the earmold. Very often when a hearing aid sounds very weak, the piece that goes into your ear is simply clogged with wax. Try to clean this out with the tools which were given to you at the time of your purchase.

3. Change the wax filter. Many of the new digital hearing aids actually have a small white screen over receiver (where the sound actually goes into your ear). If you were given replacement screens, change it. If you were not, we will change the screen in our office. You may want to ask the audiologist at that time for some to take home with you.

If you still have trouble after trying these 3 suggestions, please call to schedule an appointment.  Usually, the problem is something that can be fixed quickly in the office. Ocassionally, however, the hearing aid must be sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

- If your problem is that the hearing aid is squealing, make sure that it is properly inserted into your ear canal. Otherwise, schedule an appointment with us. Typically, earwax in the ear canal or in the hearing aid is the cause of this feedback. We can remove earwax right in the office. If neither insertion or wax is the problem, the feedback may be caused by a problem with the computer chip within the hearing aid itself, and need to go to the manufacturer for repair.