Diles Hearing Centers offer a variety of audiometric and hearing health services. The following list is not fully comprehensive or exhaustive. Please contact us electronically or call our office with any questions.



Free Consultation

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

Limited Hearing Evaluations (Pure Tones)

Otoacoustics Emission Tests (OAE) for infants & adults

Tympanometric Testing

Acoustic Reflex Testing

Verifit Hearing Instrument Fitting System Tests

Cerumen Management (Ear Wax Removal)


We also offer the following hearing aid services, even if you purchased your device(s) elsewhere:

  • Complete Hearing Care (which includes free batteries for 4 years, semi-annual cleanings / checks, & adjustments)
  • Cleaning / Checking
  • Minor Repairs
  • Major Repairs
  • Replacement Parts
  • Program Adjustments with current hearing test results
  • Extended Warranties (For DHC Clients Only)