Musicians pose a special challenge for sound protection. They must be able to attenuate sound while maintaining the timbre of everything. For this challenge, we carry a special kind of ear plug, known as "musician's sound protection." We have a large variety of colors and attentuation levels available.


Starkey Tunz


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Tunz Custom Stage Monitors eliminate the need for traditional stage monitor wedge speakers. Tunz offers options for every musician on stage from vocalists and keyboard players to guitarists and drummers. The monitors provide lower stage volume for the performer, which results in truer sound for the audience as well as less equipment to purchase and transport. 

Another option, the Tunz Custom Audio Monitors and In-Ear Headphones provide pure listening enjoyment. Ideal for MP3 players, gaming devices, computers and more, the monitors and headphones deliver a rich sound off-the-shelf earbuds simply can't match.