For the outdoorsman or for those who work outdoors around loud machinery or excessive noise, please consider taking appropriate steps to protect your hearing. We offer products from earmolds to electronic headphones for shooters, hunters, construction workers, or for those who simply need to mow the lawn.


Peltor offers a wide variety of electronic headphones for many applications, including public safety, construction work, aviation, or generic use, such as mowing the lawn or shooting. These devices typically have microphones that add a boost to soft sounds, attenuate loud sounds, and cancel noise. Some of these headphones are even compatible with bluetooth devices, so that you could, for example, be mowing your lawn and receive a cell phone call without the person on the other end of the line even knowing that you are doing any work (thanks to the noise cancellation)


Ear Plugs

If you want a less technical solution for things like shooting or outdoor work, such as using a chainsaw, then a general ear plug may be the best thing for you. Please call our office or contact us electronically to set up a free consultation, so that we may assess your needs and find the best solution for you. We take impressions of your ears, send them to a manufacturer, and then deliver them to you to ensure aproper fit.

Musician's Earplugs

These are especially for people who love music. They are commonly used by band members/instructors, DJ's, and those who go to concerts. They use filters which reduce the sound to a safe level, however, they do not distort the sound quality of the music.