A Better Quality of Life

  "The initial cost of the hearing aids, when spread out over the life expectancy of the aids, is a very manageable amount. Being a former banker, and realizing aids typically last 5 years, I calculated the monthly cost. This was a small amount to improve my quality of life. You hear better and people don't have to yell.

 In the morning I eat breakfast and turn on the radio with the volume turned way up. After I put in my aids, I have to turn the volume down a lot. In church, I can hear practically every word now. Before I would have to ask my wife what was said. I find in a closed, noisy environment, like a restaurant, the aids help diminish background noise so I can focus on the immediate conversation or activity."

Rollie Swart
Athens County Resident

With every set of hearing aids purchased, we send home a short survey card to find out about our patients' experiences.  We are pleased to share some of the responses that we've received!


"Thank you so much for all that you do! I love my new hearing aids! You ladies have made a major difference in my life. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. You rock, Bethany!!"
HP- Jacksonville, OH
"You made us feel like family. We are singing your praises to all!"
BH- Jackson, OH
"I think your service is excellent. I really thank you for your help in getting me a hearing aid that works. I couldn't have gotten it without your help. Thank you, Diane!"
RM- Athens, OH
"I should have come a few years ago"
CM- Jackson, OH
"I felt like one of Jessica's family as soon as I walked in the office. I feel that way now and I will continue to feel that way"
IK- Albany, OH
"No improvement needed! Everything was great. Bethany was so knowledgeable and helpful with all of my concerns."
JS- Glouster, OH
"Thank you for taking such personal care of my hearing needs."
JM- Glouster, OH
" :) Bethany even made a home visit to (bluetooth) match all of my hearing aid accessories!"
JT- Athens, OH
"I tell everyone I see what a good job you did and will give referral cards to anyone! Thank you, Dr. Bethany! My daughter feels the same way."
CW- Nelsonville, OH

"I highly recommend these hearing aids for someone who works in construction (because of the dust) or even someone who just sweats a lot. I haven't had any trouble with these like I have other hearing aids."

TS- Long Bottom, OH 


"Everyone is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend your services to anyone."

CW -Parkersburg, WV


"You all are the super best."

RN -Middleport, OH

"I am very happy with everything. I can hear so much better. Thank you, Diane."

TD -Wellston, OH

"I'm hearing - I'm happy, so is my husband!"

CW -The Plains, OH

"I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to be able to hear well again. I especially enjoy being able to hear what my grandchildren have to say - I had already missed too much. Thank you so much!!"

RA -Nelsonville, OH

"A real treat to hear high pitched sounds again. Women's voices on the phone are much clearer."

RM -Amesville, OH

"Thank you for your assistance with my workers' comp claim [for my aids]."

MC -Coshocton, OH


"I am very pleased with my hearing aids. Thanks so much."

ES -Pomeroy, OH


"Just great people to work with."

RB -Jackson, OH


"I'm glad I used your services, you were wonderful to me."

MC -Gallipolis, OH


"Everyone makes you feel like they REALLY care. Thanks!

LB - Radcliff, OH


"Friendly atmosphere and efficient."

DH -Middleport, OH

"I love these hearing aids. According to my wife I haven't said 'huh' for days! My voice sounds normal, too."

MB -Gallipolis, OH



"There was immediate recognition of difference. I really appreciate the resonant quality and the directional aspect that approximates natural hearing much better than any other hearing devices."

EB - Athens, OH