What to Expect On Your First Visit

As a new client of Diles Hearing Center, we take the time to talk with you, test your hearing, and discuss the results, our recommendations, and your options. As such, you should be prepared to spend approximately an hour in our office.


In the office....

The first step, of course, is paperwork. If you would like, you may print and fill out our Patient Information Form ahead of time and simply bring it with you. If not, we also have them available in our office.

In addition to the Patient Inforation Forms, we request that you bring the following:

  • If you have had a hearing test in the past 12 months, bring those results. We may be able to use that information instead of repeating the tests.
  • Bring a family member, i.e., wife/husband/partner, adult child, or some other person whose voice you hear often.

After completing the necessary paperwork, the audiologist will take you back to our sound booth to perform the hearing test. This test is completely painless and takes about 15 minutes.

The audiologist will then review the results with you and your family. If a hearing loss is detected, the audiologist will explain the extent of your hearing loss and give you his/her recommendations. The audiologist is fully trained to answer the questions you and your family may have about hearing loss.

The audiologist may feel it is necessary to do an in-office demonstration of the recommended hearing aids. By doing this, not only will it help you better understand this important discussion, but you also get a chance to hear for yourself how much benefit you will receive from these devices. Together, you will review your lifestyle, budget, expectations, etc. to find the best possible solution for your hearing loss.


Charges & Insurance

We no longer bill Medicare or commercial insurance for hearing evaluations; however, we have substantially reduced our professional testing fees to $30.  All charges for professional services are due at the time of service.

We also require payment in full for hearing devices at the time of delivery. We accept cash, check, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. We also offer payment plans through CareCredit with approval. If you have an insurance benefit for hearing devices, we will gladly submit a claim for reimbursement on your behalf.

We are a participating provider for United Mine Workers Association (UMWA). In addition, we participate in the discount plan through American Hearing Benefits (AHB) for the following groups:

  • National Rifle Association
  • Ohio Farm Bureau
  • Ohio Police & Fire
  • Retired Enlisted

We are also able to bill Workers' Compensation for approved hearing loss claims in Ohio and West Virginia.

Already Fit?

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