Diles carries a wide range of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) for use in a variety of applications, from home telephones to watching television. This page details our most commonly purchased devices, but please keep in mind that we can order many other types of devices. If you have a question about the availability of a particular device that you have in mind, please feel free to call our office or contact us electronically.


Amplified Telephones

We carry many models of amplified telephones, ranging in features, from LCD viewscreens to extra large buttons to voice alerting. Many phones amplify the incoming signal up to 25dB or more, any have extra loud ringers. Please contact us to discuss your situation and need, and we will help you find the telephone that is right for you.


Many people have trouble in particular with listening to the television. We have different devices to help with listening in your home that utilize different kinds of technology. Namely, we carry bluetooth, RF (radio frequency), and IR (infrared) devices. You may recognize the names "TV Ears™," Siemens, or Oticon. We carry devices from all of these manufacturers. Please contact us with any questions you may have, including a demo of any of these technologies.


Alarm / Alerting

Sometimes devices to assist in signaling are required, whether it's someone at the front door, someone calling on the telephone, waking up in the morning, or monitoring a smoke / carbon monoxide detector, we carry devices to assist in each of these situations. Alarm clocks with bed shakers and alerting devices for telephone and doorbell that use strobe lights and visual cues, we can help get something set up to help. Contact us with questions so that we can help you become aware of your surroundings.